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 surprise appearance

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Widow Bianco

Widow Bianco

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PostSubject: surprise appearance    Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:39 pm

Cradle Of Filth's cover of Misfits "Death Comes Ripping " blares and lights come up.

*Widow and her sister Thee Don has entered the arena. Widow reeving the engine of her chainsaw and Thee Don tips her hat and open fires over the crowd. They edge the apron  and throw their hands in the air forming the spider hand gesture for all to see as fans quickly mimic.  They step through the ropes and motion for a mic.

Thee Don clears her throat : If you haven't got Web of Doom action figures and or the t shirt, Whats matter you? Do I need to come there and muffs yous up? Cause I will, FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

Widow: That's right sister dear, Halloween is coming up makes great trick treat fills, be the awesome parents on block for once in your life, (big doughy pleading green eyes) Cause It's for the children.

They both laugh, then Widow adds: Even the big kids too. Speaking of kiddos you might want them to leave room for bit.Things are gonna get little non PG. See we WEB OF DOOM the greatest, darkest, and sexiest duet in pro wrestling today, THEE ONLY WORTHY TAG TEAM and yet...............(CENSORED)! WHEN AND WHERE is tag title for our waist. The cowards whom held them turn them in yet and UWF scrap the gold? WE have more than been fair decimating team after team week in and out.

THEE DON: AND WHAT DO WE GET? SQUAT NOTING, not even dinner first or a reach around. It's not our fault we're so awesome team and majority of you are worthy of licking our boots. It's Damn shame, Seriously should hang your heads in shame main office suits.We came to this toilet you call a federation to giggle the handle, bring some life to this frigging oil painting yous call a wrestling program. And from crowd here tonight think Saul was more than worth the corporate butt kissing  we are SOOOOOOOOO beneath.  

Widow: Oh but there is a gleam of hope or could be a curse, SPOILER ALERT  i just heard rumor is going around that AXN maybe taking over. Again this may up scale up or could go up in flames either or we want to feed on fresh teams and have a REAL tag division and WE ARE TOP TAG TEAM, superior enough to show on our day off to get ring and let you know WEB of DOOM is the phenomenon of feminine and crushers of dreams, the Widow Sisters are tag team living legends, so good you might have to do a double take.

*They both put hand on their hips and toss there hair back quick stepping in confidence heads high as their theme music leads them out through the riotous crowd of fans.
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Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler

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PostSubject: Re: surprise appearance    Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:23 am

can you clear the Axn part please? because fans and wrestlers only will know after announcement in the end of the show.
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surprise appearance
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