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 Dean "Dissonance" Rivers - The Multitude of Minds

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Dean "Dissonance" Rivers - The Multitude of Minds Empty
PostSubject: Dean "Dissonance" Rivers - The Multitude of Minds   Dean "Dissonance" Rivers - The Multitude of Minds EmptyWed Sep 03, 2014 2:07 pm

Real Name: Dean Rivers
Ring Name: Dissonance
Age: 23
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 245 lbs
Alignment: Face
Hometown: Leeds, United Kingdom
Theme: Mastodon - Colony of Birchmen

Dean "Dissonance" Rivers is a Brit kid from the City of Leeds. Growing up, he always enjoyed watching the wrestling shows that aired in the UK. He always dreamt of living the Wrestling Dream: Performing in the WWE. During his highschool years, it became apparent that Dean possessed genius levels of intellect. He was able to store information extremely quick, causing him to have a lot of time to spare, which he spent training to purchase his dreams. According to Dean himself, he was able to garner information so quickly, because there are "multiple great minds" in his head.
With this, he didn't mean that he was crazy. According to him, he could alter his mindset to such an extent where he became a different person. His own example: "Where I usually am a relaxed, cheeful guy, I can alter my mindset changing me into a silent reader, with an almost machine-like efficiency if I have to study. I change totally during that time, causing me to almost become an other person."
Using this "gift" as a backstory, Dean quickly became the "Dissonance" persona, which he also uses in wrestling.
Dissonance is when there is a lack of internal consistency, something Dean claims to have, caused by his drastic "mindset changes".

His finisher is called "Entropy", a term used to describe the amount of chaos and disorder.

Although he is a friendly, easy-to-love guy all the time, Dean claims his head and mind are filled with chaos and disorder, but he likes it that way.

While wrestling as "Dissonance", Dean wears a mask. His reason for this: "Because my way of thinking and mindset constantly changes, it will be hard for people to become accustomed to my face, cause my facial expression constantly changes, even if it's just ever so slightly. The mask though, is something easy to personify yourself with. And it just looks flipping awesome."

Making his debut on the grand stage, Dean is ready order his thoughts and kick butt. Just kidding, he does't want his thoughts ordered.
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Dean "Dissonance" Rivers - The Multitude of Minds
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