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 I will win the Royal Rumble

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Shawn Lieback

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I will win the Royal Rumble Empty
PostSubject: I will win the Royal Rumble   I will win the Royal Rumble EmptyMon Sep 01, 2014 5:54 am

* Shawn layback walks in the ring with his rock and roll t-shirt and gold shoes *

Shawn layback: well everyone heard about the Royal Rumble. And I plan on winning the biggest match in this Federation history. And nobody will stop me from winning. Not john grey not Jack Taylor not zeno and especially not fulgore.

* fulgore theme song comes on showing his other federation title wins and most powerful moves*

Timberlake: here come the new comer fulgore and he looks forced at Shawn layback. That's not good for Shawn layback. But Shawn look fearless into fulgore eyes

Simon Cowell: this Royal Rumble just got bigger and better.

*fulgore is walking in the ring and grabbing the microphone and looking at Shawn layback with intensity*

Fulgore: ok please little boy I'm here for championships not to mess with people like you. and when I was watching this show. you have a lot of expectations but you lost your debut match.and haven't won a match yet.
what makes you think you're going to win this Royal Rumble and become  the number one contender.

Shawn layback: you know if I don't win this royal rumble already have one thing I'm going to eliminate you!

Timberlake: well I don't think Shawn layback will win the Royal Rumble but I have a pick who will win its john grey.

Simon Cowell: I can't wait for Royal Rumble to begin and see who will be the winner of this year's Royal Rumble and they will become the number one container.

* Shawn layback walks out of the ring and into his locker*
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I will win the Royal Rumble
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