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 The Beginning of Bankruptcy

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Mattamillion Allen

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PostSubject: The Beginning of Bankruptcy   Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:14 pm

*As the commentators are talking about the last match, the arena suddenly goes pitch dark.*

Simon Cowell: Oh, for the love of...what's going on here? Did we pay the electric bill this month?

Timberlake: I'm sure we did. Just don't stress yourself out. We all know what happens when you do that.

Simon Cowell: Stress? No, no, no, no. You're getting me being stressed confused with me being concerned. Just keep your mouth closed, little boy.

*A guitar feedback can be heard on the PA system and moments later, a pitch-lowered intro of "Master of Your Disaster" by Cage9 begins to play. Afterward, the song "Lay Your Money Down" by The Exies plays on cue. The arena stays dark for a few more seconds before green pyrotechnics light up the UWF stage. The lights come back on and standing on the stage is a tall guy wearing a money-print sports jacket with matching slacks and a hat. There are also sunglasses covering his eyes and a gold dollar-sign chain around his neck. The man is also smiling. However, the crowd is confused as to what is going on.*

Simon Cowell: Oh boy.

Timberlake: I think for once I'll agree with -

Simon Cowell: - I told you to keep your mouth closed! Let me do the talking. You don't even know what I was about to say.

Timberlake: But -

Simon Cowell: - but nothing. Now who does this guy think he is interrupting our show?!

Timberlake: At least he knows how to make an entrance.

*The man walks down the ramp as the crowd is still confused and his music continues to play. He then steps inside the ring and is given a microphone by a member of the ringside crew.*

Mystery Man: Now for those of you who don't know who I am or who don't remember me, you SHOULD know who I am!

*He then removes his hat and sunglasses as the camera zooms in a little closer.*

Mattamillion Allen: That's right! Mattamillion Allen is back standing before each and every one of you in a wrestling ring!

*As soon as the crowd realizes who he is, they begin to boo.*

Timberlake: THE Mattamillion Allen? No way. NO WAY! This is just insane! I thought he had died after taking a superplex off the top of a production truck in Tokyo and crashing through a rickshaw!

Simon Cowell: No, that really is him, but I thought he had just went back to living his life in Los Angeles. He's still a disrespectful, pompous little brat for interrupting us like this.

Mattamillion Allen: I know, I know. You all thought I would have been dead a long time ago considering all the things I went through - and trust me, there have been plenty. I also know that you think I can't wrestle just because I come out here looking like a Hollywood pretty boy. Alright, let me ask you people this: would a Hollywood pretty boy go to Japan in front of a sold-out crowd and fight tooth-and-nail and get beat within an inch of his life with NO stunt double? No! Of course not!

Timberlake: Allen does make a good point though. He is a world-traveled wrestler with plenty of experience and credit that people tend not to give him.

Mattamillion Allen: I went back to L.A. to try and find myself, get behind myself, rewind myself, however that song goes. The point being that I am officially in UWF. Why? Because of people like you! You think you can come here and write me off. I've made a career out of proving people wrong. So before you people decide to write me off, just watch me.

*Matt drops the microphone with a satisfying thud as the crowd boos once more and "You suck" chants echo through the arena.*
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The Beginning of Bankruptcy
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