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 John Grey´s interview

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John Grey

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John Grey´s interview Empty
PostSubject: John Grey´s interview   John Grey´s interview EmptyWed Aug 27, 2014 8:00 pm

*At the backstage, camera travels through the corridors and stop the point where we found Sara Carbornero interviewing John Grey*

*Camera zooms a close picture to both Sara and John*

Sara Carbornero: Hello everyone! I am Sara Carbornero and next to me is a wrestler who recently made his debut here in the Uwf. Chosen one John Grey. So John, last week you have a match against Shawn Layback, must be exhausting and still you look so ready for tonights adventures!

*John Grey takes that crazy look at the camera and talks*

John Grey: Thats nothing compared to that i get screwed last week! After that cheap shot to my face by monkonro, first i thing, what a heck, mistakes happens. No big deal! But when i see him standing in that ring, ignoring that he just punches me out of the ring! I came to second thoughts, i grab that steel pipe and smash it right to his head! Sure i could stop it there, but! You know me.. Im a little "short-tempered". Just a little! But you know. Thats going to happen when you decide to turn against me! After! monkonros violent assault against me, i got some informations, that he is after the same championship title that i am, i started to look things from a different angle! And i realized that monkonro has a pretty good reasons to do what he did!

Sara Carbornero: Okey, yes. I actually see that clip and it looks like it was a pure accident..

*John stops for a while, takes a deep breath and brings his face very near to Sara´s face*

John Grey: Accident! It looked like an accident!? Not in my view, because i can´t see a damn thing after that shot! Faces of wrestling´s journey ends before it get even started properly! monkonro tryes to use me as a weapon! Weapon that clears the path for him. And all he has to do is collect the royaltys! But i have to say, we have a one thing in common with him. You can be absolutely sure that both of us going to put everything on the line trying to achieve that goal and if you´re not willing to make everything you can to achieve your goal, then you don´t deserve it.

*Sara is just about to start speak, but John pull´s the microphone back near his mouth*

John Grey: You see, the problems and insuperable obstacles showing their real meanings at the point were you are ready to do everything that it takes, to achieve those goals you set for yourself. Honestly anyone can tell you that he is your friend or that he is on your side no matter what, but! Monk obviously sees his opportunity. And opportunity makes you a thief! You only see a true face of the man when you share the same goals with him. If so! At that point you have to take the law on your own hands and make things happen!

*John places both of his hands on his own hips and waits Sara´s next quetion*

Sara Carbornero: So you´re saying that you and monkonro share those same goals and that is why you can´t trust him anymore?

John Grey: This isn´t about monkonro or anybody else anymore Sara. This is about me now, it´s about me getting what i want out of this business and that is becoming the Uwf champion! I dont need monkonro, this is about me! I dont need to be at faces of wrestling anymore, i dont need anybody anymore! This is about me, it´s about me reaching my goals! And if monkonro decides to step between me and my goals! I´m not going to be the one who drops out that play! And monk! You can use those two, my previous victims as an example of what´s going to happen if you mess with me!

*After John speak, camera focuses to Sara*

*She is just about to talk and finish the interview. But John steps in front of her and continues*

John Grey: And now its my time to prove that to the world! Its my time to take what is mine, and that is becoming the Uwf Champion!

*John puss the microphone back to Sara, takes last look at the camera and walks away*

*Sara just stands there confused and sign´s to cameraman*

Sara Carbornero: cut it.. cut it..

*Camera fades to black*
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John Grey´s interview
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