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 Grey speech

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John Grey

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PostSubject: Grey speech   Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:35 pm

*Whole arena goes black for a few seconds, we can all hear music starts rolling, suddenly many colored spotlights starting to sparkle.*

*Its a bit shady, we barely see a man walking down that ramp and entering the ring. Lights brighten when John Grey climbs to the turnbuckle and rises his right fist straight toward the roof.*

*While Crowd cheering, John Grey walks around in the ring and asks microphone*

Simon Cowell: Last week John Grey makes his debut here at the Uwf. His behaviour was a little cocky, what makes Davey Edwards mad. Because of that, Davey runs to the ring and attacks John. But still John manages to win Davey. After that match Monkonro jr and Justice Corrupte joins the party and enters the ring. All three of them destroys Davey and announce that John Grey is the newest member of the Faces of Wrestling!

Timberlake: And it was a violent match, both of the wrestlers giving absolutely hundred percent of themselfs to that match. But some weird way, John manages to get a three count. Later that night he also got a tag team match, where John and monkonro suffers a lost against Widow Bianco and Thee Don Black Widow.

Simon Cowell: Looking forward whats going to happen between Faces of Wrestling and Web of Doom! But still i believe, that John´s first match effects a lot on that tag team match. And because of that they lose.

John Grey: Last week. You see me here, walking down that ramp, standing exactly at the same point that i stand right now and making all those promises! I asked Davey Edwards to come down at this ring. Unfortunately! For him. Its become the most terrifying beat down of his entire career! I thing that when you get your ass beaten like that, you either learn the lesson and the message goes to the right address and you realize to stay away from our businesses! Or you are just a moron! Basically, his whole world came crashing down around him or basically on top of him. As a matter of fact! Like last week! I´m here to fulfill the second step toward the glory of John Grey! Im here to speak.

*John give a laugh and crowd yelling words that we can´t understand.*

John Grey: But! but first of all, im here to collect the second scalp at the Uwf! The wind of changes is blowing. It is time! Those untalented amateurs and left overs to retreat and make room for the new generation superstars! Superstars that are not only talented athletes but who has a great microphone skills and their lifes are based on entertaining you guys. Like myself! Obviously. Faces of wrestling is the new thing! The biggest and strongest, this generation stable! And we are here to clean up this mess! Thing´s must change!

*Crowd bangs the barriers and yells John Grey! John Grey! John Grey!..*

Timberlake: What change´s!? And what mess!?

John Grey: But its funny. Because while things chance, they stay the same. Im kinda confident by that. You know i, when i look at the backstages, all those hungry warriors i see, all of them, every single one of them is after that one thing. Thing that is worth of risking their careers. Well i thing you all know what i mean.

*John smiles and listens the reactions of the crowd*

Simon Cowell: Yes we all know! Well at least i know.

John Grey: Like the guys in the back, i also get up to this ring week after week chaseing that same goal as they do. Well that´s the first common thing! Second one is the biggest thing that comforts me, its when i look around here at the arena.

*Crowd grumbles while John Grey rolls over and points finger at the audience.*

John Grey: Because it doesn´t matter wheter you wrestle here or any other wrestling shows around there. I know that you are there too! you all are part of the greater society! You are the fans! Not fans of this wrestler or that show, No! What i mean is, you are the fans of pro wrestling and you come here to get entertained because your heart tells you to do so! And as long as each and every one of you are here, then im home.

*The crowd explodes to cheering and we can also hear some applauses*

Simon Cowell: Home. John speaks to the fans with warmly words. Almost like his trying to convince them on his side, still after what he and his buddys has done to Davey last week.

John Grey: And me. For the first time i feel, like im the member of the Uwf roster!

Timberlake: Whit teardrops on my cheek, welcoming John Grey to the Uwf. I am on your side John, i am on your side!

*John beats his chest few times and lifts microphone back to his mouth*

John Grey: Ok let´s cut this sputter! Tonight! The greatness himself, me! Going one on one with The street rat himself, the trash bag that begs to be recycled! Shawn Layback! And let me tell you something Shawn Mr."lay on your back" because i beat your candy ass! When you get to this ring with me! There is no way, that you going to walk out here on your own! You see im willing to go as far as it takes to me to get what i want!

*Music starts and John gives a few poses while walking the ramp back to the locker room. Audience is impress.*

Simon Cowell: Suddenly his tone of voice has change a bit angryer. And seemingly he is speaking about tonights match between him and Shawn Layback! Making all those names for his opponent, births a drama between these two wrestlers.

Timberlake: Smart move i say! Playing that mind game, may get his opponent anger. And Simon you know what they say! Never fight angry! When you're angry you tend to forget the game plan. He's getting in your nerves and that will make yourself vulnerable.

*Camera fades to black*
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Grey speech
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