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 The road to trouble

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era dynamics

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PostSubject: The road to trouble   Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:44 pm

The screen splits in two to reveal Era Dynamics dressed in her ring gear in an almost confessional booth setting. She has a straight faced look painted upon her face with one raised eyebrow to signal and undertone of seriousness. Her hands are merged together in a fist like manner before her and she shakes it as she talks to add a pageant like effect to her speech.

Era Dynamics: Chi non è meco, è contro a meco. He who is not with me is against me. The whole world is against me and always has been. I've always been the black sheep of the company that I have surrounded myself with and this hasn't changed. I know I don't really fit in here at UWF nor am I bothered. I've got my Real Trouble bitches, that's all I need. Don't get this twisted, we serve as allies but we are all individually unique in our own ways. I am not reliant on a group nor are any of the other girls. We are just a collective connected together by the ideals of reaping all the benefits of what we sow. We've laid some ground now and now finally, people know my full intention to claim the crown as the hardcore queen of UWF. There's no hidden agendas this time. This is it.

Era Dynamics: Let me now provide some assertion for those inbreeds at home that are most likely masturbating with sandpaper at home to your generic guys here in the wrestling business; my primary aim in my life is not to be one of those skinny bitches used as a product placement for the entertainment of sick and weird fuckers like yourselves. I want to break faces and take names just because it's fun and just because I want to. What is real trouble for me? Real trouble for me is a combination of what I was before and what I am now. The same real attitude and knack for causing trouble. Now, only I'm more refined, I'm more mature and I'm more ready than ever before. If you challenge me, I will not reject you. If you claim you can beat me, I will not let you. If you say you're not impressed by me, then I'm going to call your bluff. Everyone here knows my capability and whilst I haven't reached my full potential, I'm finally on an upward slope. Case in point, last week. The Scream out from Bartolomeo by the way, it was fun. You got all that ex-factor.

Era Dynamics: Now Bartolomeo, I respect you on a professional level , you're a survivor like me, which this business seems to lack but on a personal, we are polarities. I doubt we'd ever get on so going through you is easy for me. There's something I want to say to you and I want you to listen. I was raised in a culture where getting what you want and working for it is essential. i want a crown and a belt for my own. I'm going to work for it. I'm more than willing. So if the fans wanted me to put you in an ambulance, you were going in that ambulance or if I had to put 10,000 thumbtacks into your back, I would have done it but now I know that they want me to climb that ladder and reach with both hands and unhook that strap and wrap it around my waist.

Era Dynamics: . . . and when that is done, there's no stopping me until UWF is nothing but trouble.
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The road to trouble
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