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 Trust In Me UWF

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Tyler Black

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PostSubject: Trust In Me UWF   Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:26 am

The Lights go Out as  E For Extinction plays as the camera zooms in on Tyler Black, who doesn't even acknowledge the camera,

Tyler Black:"Monk Jr you sad excuses for human being you just  don't get it, do you!? It's NOT entertaining with you here! It's nothing but painful! Most people watch us do our jobs and say it's fake, but I'd like to see those bastards step into a ring with me! Hell, I'd like to see them on the street!

Tyler Black:I don't hurt people to entertain you or these pathetic fans! I hurt people because it's how I was raised. I know nothing else, but to bring harm to others! People like you disgust me and tonight I'll show you why right now so get your ass down here Monk Jr."

Tyler Black waits a few seconds before raising his mic

Tyler Black:No well it seems you calling me out was just a waste of time.

Tyler Black:Next time when you call me out don't end up like the rest sitting with that pathetic washed up General Manager we all know now you don't have it in you.

Tyler Black:Don't Forget the Name Tyler Black You can't beat me so you Better Trust in me Now UWF.

Tyler Black drops the mic and exits the ring as the show continues
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Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler

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PostSubject: Re: Trust In Me UWF   Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:43 pm

you need improve it a bit.
make better narrative text, and put cometary inside.
Timberlake and simon cowell are the comentators from UWF
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Trust In Me UWF
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