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 Oh I'm calling you out

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Monkonro Jr.

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PostSubject: Oh I'm calling you out   Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:31 pm

*The fans atmosphere changes from fiery to electric but this time for the worst as the music owned by Monkonro Jr. hits, "You're Going Down by Sick Puppies", It turns even worse when he begins to come out dressed in a blue jumper and hood covering his hair. On the face of the Blue jumper reads the words I don't care in Bold.*

Simon Cowell: Listen to this crowd They're electric with absolute Hate for this guy. It should be rough seen as he lost his Match last week.

Justin Timberlake: Well, he did'nt exactly lose the match and by the look on his face he must be seriously angry.

*As Monkonro climbs into the ring and prepares for him to address the fans he finds himself listening to half shouting "You suck" and the other half shouting his name. He stands confused but his not alone the two commentators stand confused as well.*

Monkonro Jr.: So let me get this straight those who are cheering me now are for real right?

*The Half of the fans Roar Yes!*

Monkonro Jr.: Let me get down to business. Last week i lost a tag match and it wasn't my fault see i didn't even get pinned or submitted. So before I rant on about how i dislike the fact that i am surrounded by glad handed poor wrestlers i got a lot of things to get off my chest. You see I am one of the best wrestlers in this business and i think people haven't been looking at my talent more at my attitude and the fact that the newcomers are getting more respect than me makes me sick. Maybe because since day one i have been called a villain and hated because i came out bolder and with more moxy than the best wrestlers.Or maybe its because i have more guts than that gutless Davey Edwards.

*The fans Scream "INFERNO" but are swiftly interrupted by The music of the newcomer Tyler Black E for extinction.*

Simon Cowell: But why is Tyler Black out here i'm a little scared of him right now he changes the Atmosphere so quickly i'm pretty sure the fans hate him more than Monkonro Jr.

*Tyler walks down the ramp , into the ring and right in Monkonro's face for a five second stare off before he backed off and grabs a mic all with his face as serious as ever.*

Justin Timberlale: This is giving me goosebumps.  But it might just be Tyler!  

*Tyler put the microphone to his mouth but Monkonro Smacks it down with great disrespect he picks it back up but doesn't make any movements.*

Monkonro Jr.: No. Nobody called you down here this isn't about you, no not at all.

Tyler Black: Oh but it is. I'm not scared of you i came out here to tell you the real reason your not respected in this company. It's because people like me enjoy kicking your butt around the ring every night and i'm sure i can do it. You talk so much you barely get anything done in this ring.

*Monkonro's expression turns from bad to worse*

Monkonro Jr.: Listen up UWF universe. Who wants me to kick this guys teeth in?

*Monkonro turns around to listen to the fans reaction, He then turns around and charges at Tyler but to no avail as Tyler ducks and connects with a right hook.*

Tyler Black: Oh Monkonro see thats what you won't do. You've made a big mistake, You dont know what you've just done to yourself i am the power of UWF your a pawn.

*Tyler's music hits once more but this time he stays in the ring and towards a Monkonro on the ground clutching his neck and staring on.*

Justin Timberlake: Wow! I knew Tyler is a force but how powerful is that man?

*Monkonro picks up his fallen mic but is only able to get to his knees. The fans cry out "Match" repeatedly giving Monkonro Jr. a wicked smile. Tyler stops at the ropes to listen.*

Monkonro Jr.: Cut the music! I was wrong this is about you are what i hate. Your unworthy really you shouldn't be in this company. YOU got lucky. Hey since you like throwing punches let's do it in a Match TONIGHT!
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Oh I'm calling you out
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