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 X Marks the Spot (Artist X Debut)

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Artist X

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X Marks the Spot (Artist X Debut) Empty
PostSubject: X Marks the Spot (Artist X Debut)   X Marks the Spot (Artist X Debut) EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 4:04 pm

The lights in the arena begin to dim and stop when the reach near pitch black at which point two green spot lights turn on and cris-cross forming a "X".

Timberlake: This is new. What on earth is this?

Simon Cowell: I have no bloody idea.

Suddenly Revolution Man by Union Underground begins playing.
One more time and you'll be dead at least I think that's what they said, or...
40 days won't break a man it was a bullet in his head or...
There's something in the... something in the way you were the pain so wrong my friend
Revolution... revolution man imagine all the people.

The green X suddenly vanishes and the lights come back on as the music continues to play revealing beneath were the X was, a tall man dressed in green and black ring attire with a slimmer build and long dark blonde hair standing with his head down an arms spread wide.

Simon Cowell: Good grief. It would appear we have a new unknown rookie making his first appearance. Seems we are getting flooded with low end talents as of late.

Timberlake: I don't know who he is either, but I am liking his style so far.

As the music continues to play the lights suddenly go nearly pitch black yet again and a few second later when the lighting suddenly returns to normal, Artist X can me seen in the middle of the ring with arms raised and crossed to form an X. He lowers his arms and walks to the ropes closest to the answers giving a polite nod of the head to them. He signals to one of the ringside assistants for a mic, which is brought over to him. X heads back to the center of the ring and cuts the microphone on.

X: Cut the music please.

The music stops almost instantaneously.

X: Thanks soundboard. Points at the ringside assistant. And thank you for the mic.

Simon Cowell: Well, he at least seems to be polite enough. Surprising to say the least.

Timberlake: I think what Simon is trying to say folks is that he's starting to warm up to the new guy. Now if we could just get a name.

Simon Cowell: Am not.

X: Greeting folks, thought I would take a moment of your time to come down here and introduce myself. Y'all can call me Artist X, or just plain ol' X for short.

Simon Cowell and Timberlake: Artist X?

Simon Cowell: This is absolutely ludicrous. Is he a wrestler making a debut or a wanna be rock star looking to audition?

Timberlake: Shh! Quiet Simon, I want to know more.

Simon Cowell: You have got to be kidding me.

X: Why Artist X? Well the Artist part simply put, I have a way of putting soul into everything I do therefore making what I do my own. As for the X? Take your pick. It's X because I leave my mark where ever I go and plan to leave it here as well. It's X because when I aim for something, that is when I set a goal, I always hit the mark I set. It's X because that what your eyes will have when you make the mistake of crossing me.

Simon Cowell: Well he certainly knows how to talk and put on a show, but can he back up those words I wonder?

X: I feel no need to go about proving myself just yet, so you guys are just going to have to have your suspicions and doubts until my first match. I would prefer to keep my style and skills a surprise.

Timberlake: I was really hoping this guy would give us a taste of things to come.

Simon Cowell: I am not even remotely surprised. I imagine that he is like any artist, all hype.

X walks over to the ropes points to the ringside assistant from earlier and makes a motion to toss him the mic. X then gently tosses it and while it is in midair claps his hands together. The lights cut out for a couple of seconds and when they come back on, Artist X has disappeared.

Timberlake: You hit the nail on the head Simon, the man knows has charisma and showmanship.

Simon Cowell: That's not what I said you buffoon. Not that it matters. I do not see him lasting long. Since when do artists now how to fight?

Timberlake: The martial artists do.

Simon Cowell:
Turns and looks at Timberlake with suprise. Touche.

Timberlake: I look forward to see this man in the ring.

Simon Cowell: I do not but I will try to hold judgement since then seeing as you of all people just proved to be wittier than I previously imagined Timberlake.
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X Marks the Spot (Artist X Debut)
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